We are gamers. We grew up playing games. Some of our fondest memories are all night LAN parties and last second online victories. We believe you are never too old to play.

We are gamers, and we are human beings. We come from all walks of life and all corners of the earth. We share this human condition and, like it or not, we all call this tiny planet our home.

Sadly, the anonymity of the internet can bring out the worst in people and we sometimes forget that we are playing games with actual human beings.

At GLHF Apparel, we recognize that there is a living, breathing person on the other end of the game. We believe the gaming community is full of wonderful, beautiful people who each have something to contribute, even if it’s just a little good will. We believe that sometimes a simple “glhf” goes a long way.

So whether you say “glhf” or “glgl,” whether you play RTS or FPS, whether you’re a n00b or a sponsored pro, remember there is a person on the other end of your game and be a friendly gamer.

To all you gamers and human beings,

glhf and gg.